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Generate More Qualified Leads!

Did you know that there are promotional products designed

just to help you obtain more qualified leads from trade shows, web promotions, &

other events?  Our experienced team of sales & marketing professionals can help you

make your every marketing activity more productive with personal solutions from

 our innovative product line.  Let us know a little about your goals by filling out

the form below & we'll be in touch with some creative ideas!

Please describe your lead generation goals & challenges:


Please enter your web address:   


Who does your company market its products to?  (Check all that apply)

  Dealers/Distributors      Direct to End User (Business to Business)   

   Independent Retailers     Consumers - Corporate-owned Retail Stores  

Consumers - Direct Mail   Consumers - Retail Franchise


How do you inform your target audience of your product features & benefits?  (Check all that apply)

 Industry Trade Shows      Non-industry Trade Shows     Television & radio ads

Print advertisements     Internal Sales Reps    Distributor Sales Staff

Direct Mail - Business to Business    Direct Mail - Consumer


What is the gender of your target audience?  Mostly female   Mostly male    Even mix

What is their age range? (Select all that apply) 

 Under 12   13-19  20-29 30-44  45-65  Over 65

Enter any other information about your target audience, your theme,

or your event that will influence product selection :

(It would be particularly useful to hear what has and hasn't worked for you in the past!)


What are your corporate colors?     

How do you typically imprint items ordered?  

How many recipients are you targeting?     

What is your overall budget for this program?            

Tell us how to get in touch with you:


I need product in my hands in less than 10 business days!


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